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Watch the Inventing the Future Report Launch Video!

NEF's recent report launch: Inventing the Future: Transforming STEM economies heralded as a great success with wide coverage within the UK press and media. Key figures from Education, Industry and Government have supported many of the findings and recommendations in the report. Over 100 representatives joined the debate during the launch which focused on transformation in STEM education to build the future work force.

Watch this video -Inventing the Future report launch 

Featured News

Industry mentors needed to support new way of learning for 14-19 year olds

City & Guilds is launching an exciting new initiative to recruit a pool of industry mentors who can support learners through their study and provide them with the valuable insight needed to succeed in their careers.

The online mentoring programme is a key component of the upcoming City & Guilds TechBac® - an entirely new way of learning for 14-19 year olds. NEF is working in close partnership with City & Guilds in the development of the Engineering TechBac, and supporting the Construction and Digital/IT Tecbacs. FE colleagues and practitioners in these disciplines will know how important it is for teaching to be linked to industry and real world experience, which is why NEF is pleased to share with our newsletter readers this mentoring programme.

It is vital for education and employment to have stronger links to help young people gain an education that equips them with the right skills for work. With a strong focus on employability and workplace skills, the TechBac does just that, giving young people the confidence and experience needed to thrive in the workplace.

Kirstie Donnelly, UK Managing Director, City & Guilds comments: “Young people are not getting enough opportunities to interact with employers, making them ill equipped for the world of work and leaving businesses without the right talent to succeed.

Mentoring is a simple yet extremely effective way of giving young people real insight into the workplace, along with practical support to help them find work. It has proven benefits for both the mentees and mentors. We believe that providing these chances for young people to build relationships with employers will really set the TechBac apart from other professional and technical educational pathways.”

Each TechBac learner will be partnered with an industry professional for the duration of their programme, providing them with unrivalled insight into the world of work. The mentor programme will be delivered entirely online, making it easy for you to get involved.

If you’d like to become a mentor, start by registering your interest here or visit for more information including a guide for your employers and case studies from existing mentors.


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